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10 Carer Fatigue Warning Signs to Watch Out For

“When a loved one depends on you, you just carry on. It feels like there isn’t any choice, even if you know your reserves are getting more and more depleted. And if I stop being able to cope, what will happen then?”
Family carers rarely choose to take on their role; many of the carers we work with at Bedfordshire Supported Housing feel that they had no choice but to provide support for loved ones. As a result, they find themselves caring for a parent with dementia, or a spouse with mental health needs, with no training or support structures to help them get through from day to day. In research carried out by CarersUK, almost half of carers asked admitted to having fallen ill but continued caring because they saw no other option. Often carers breakdown symptoms occur behind closed doors, and few people realise how overwhelming these symptoms can feel.