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BSH carers help people recovering from stroke to recuperate in their own homes.

Stroke Recovery Care

Local Providers of After Stroke Care in Bedfordshire

A stroke can have a huge impact on the patient and their family and their return home is a significant milestone on the way to recovery. The after-effects of a stroke can, however, be severe and long-lasting.

Bedfordshire Supported Housing carers provide rehabilitation support for people managing speech impairment, loss of muscle control or difficulties with swallowing. Other after-effects can include memory loss, fatigue, difficulty with communication and depression.

Home Care for Clients Recovering From a Stroke

A stroke is no respecter of age, which is why every after-stroke care plan will be different. For some patients a light-touch hourly care service is the ideal solution. For elderly people requiring more complex care we can provide live-in care. This offers one-to-one support and attention throughout the critical weeks following on from hospitalisation.

Our goal at BSH is to help clients regain their independence. This is central to recovery and requires both familiar surroundings and compassionate care to overcome anxiety and build confidence. We assess each individual client, including a risk assessment of their environment. In consultation with patients, we create a tailored care plan to help them back to health.

Home Care for Clients Recovering From a Stroke
After Stroke care Services

After Stroke Services Offered by BSH

We provide the following after stroke care services in Bedfordshire:

  • Detailed care plan created in consultation with our client and their family.
  • Help and encouragement to maintain diet plans or lifestyle changes.
  • Support for carrying out speech or physical exercises.
  • Light household tasks such as cooking, cleaning and shopping.
  • Companionship and motivational support.
  • Monitoring of medication and any side-effects.
  • Reporting on any discernible changes to our client’s condition.

Why Choose Bedfordshire Supported Housing?

We’re one of the largest providers of home care services in Bedfordshire, with an excellent reputation built over two decades. All our carers are trained professionals with a range of experience that ensures their ability to adapt to whatever is required.

We are a person-centred care provider which means that we collaborate with clients in the development of their care plan. Research shows that patients who have a say in the way their care is managed, are more likely to feel confident about their recovery, and achieve a sense of well-being.

Stroke Recovery rehabilitation Bedfordshire