Care for Adults With Learning Disabilities Bedford

We offer home care and respite care services that support adults with learning disabilities and give them the confidence to experience a fulfilled and independent life.

Supporting People With Learning Disabilities in Bedford

Supporting People With Learning Disabilities in Bedford

There are around 1.5 million people with a learning disability across the UK. They, like everyone else want to be independent adults, living a full and rewarding life. Bedfordshire Supported Housing offers a range of learning disability care at home which supports our clients in achieving their goals.

BHS care is tailored to the individual needs of each client. We offer person-centred care, which means that we work in partnership with those we care for, and their families. Our care packages are created collaboratively, focusing on enhanced wellbeing, and the development of skills.

Learning Disability Care at Home

BSH provides a range of services within the home, all of which can make a huge difference to the sense of independence experienced by our clients. BHS care assistants can offer domestic support in the form of preparing light meals, or cleaning. But they’re also there to encourage engagement with hobbies, socialising, conversation and learning activities.

Our carers are trained and experienced professionals who are capable of supporting clients whether their learning disability is mild, moderate, or complex.

Learning Disability Care at Home

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Home Care Services We Offer

Home Care Services We Offer

Our care packages are bespoke, in response to the needs of clients. They may include some of the following services:

  • Light Domestic Duties. Cleaning, tidying, washing and changing sheets.
  • Food Preparation. Preparing light meals, planning meals, budgeting.
  • Personal Care. Washing, grooming, make-up, hair, dressing, application of medicated creams.
  • Community Engagement. Accompaniment to shops, work, studies, social occasions
  • Activities. Engagement in hobbies, educational activities, conversation.
  • Medication Management. Ensuring that all medication is taken as scheduled, and monitoring hydration.
  • Practical Support. Managing household bills, applying for benefits, managing money.

Respite Care

Unpaid carers do an amazing job, but it’s important that they recognise the need to step back once in a while and replenish their energies. Whether it’s an hour every couple of days, a day at the weekend, or a break by the sea, BSH provides carers you can trust to do a great job whilst you’re away.

We know that introducing a professional into the home environment needs to be managed with care. The process is taken step-by-step therefore, to ensure that trust and respect develops gradually.

Respite Care Bedford
Live-in Care in Bedford

Live-in Care in Bedford

A professional carer who is on hand throughout the day can make a real difference to the life of a client with learning difficulties. The presence of a live-in carer provides companionship, personal care, and daily routines in and out of the house.

Live-in care can be used as a respite strategy, or as a long-term care solution. BHS carers are always matched carefully to the needs of clients, and they’re introduced slowly into the home before becoming part of the household.

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