Care Providers in Bedfordshire

Care Providers in Bedfordshire

Care Providers in Bedfordshire

Bedfordshire Supported Housing was set up nearly a decade ago to provide local care services and support across the county. We’re an independent provider, which means that we’re not owned by the NHS. Our care services accessed are paid for by families needing care for loved ones, local authority referrals, or the NHS.

As an independent provider, we know the county well, and are aware of the kinds of services that may be needed by people living in the towns and villages. Like all independent providers, we are regulated by the Care Quality Commission, and are services are found to be consistently ‘Good’. We pride ourselves on offering care and support along the entire pathways of needs.

Our Values as a Care Provider

Our values are what underpin every decision we make as a care provider. They also determine how our care staff work with our clients.

  • Personalised Care. We don’t impose ‘one-size-fits-all’ services on our clients. Instead, we take time to work with clients and their families, to create a unique care plan.
  • Compassion. Our care takes into account the whole person. We don’t just look at the symptoms, we consider their backgrounds, life achievements, and ongoing goals.
  • Caring. BSH staff take the time to make relationships with the people they care for. These are built over time, and are founded on the commitment of BSH staff to care for the clients they work with.
  • Professionalism. Every carer takes personal responsibility for the care they administer. They are supported in this with in-house training, 24/7 support, and a friendly working environment.

What Kind of Care Does Bedfordshire Supported Housing Provide?

We offer care to adults, over the age of 18, including the elderly. This takes the form of 4 distinct kinds of care services, all sharing the same aim of providing independent living for our clients.

1. Homecare – Domiciliary and Live-in Care

The Francis House homecare service provides bespoke care packages to people across Bedfordshire who wish to remain in their own home. Care may be provided in the form of scheduled visits, phone calls, or as a live-in service. We can provide homecare to people with dementia, a learning disability, or a physical disability for example.

2. Residential Care in Bedford

BSH has two residential care homes in Bedford. These provide 24 hour, individualised care to men and women with complex mental health needs. We have a great reputation for working with clients who have been considered ‘difficult’ by other agencies. At BSH we never give up on our clients and we’re committed to providing quality care in comfortable surroundings.

3. Supported Accommodation

We have 3 properties providing supported accommodation. This service provides an opportunity for clients with mental health needs to be supported in their goal of living an independent life. Our care staff work with residents to ensure they achieve a fulfilling lifestyle within the community.

4. Enhanced Support Services

We provide a supportive environment, in bespoke accommodation, for people with mental health needs who are defined as having a higher level identified risk. The aim of our enhanced support services is to help people live well in the community with the support they need to make this possible.

Would you find it helpful to speak to a member of our team about any of the services we offer? We would be happy to hear from you, on 01234 841808