Caring for Adults With Learning Disabilities

Caring for Adults With Learning Disabilities

Caring for Adults With Learning Disabilities

There are approximately 1,130,000 adults with a learning disability in the UK. People who have learning disabilities  “find it harder to learn certain life skills”. Everyone is unique of course, but common difficulties experienced include: writing, communication, money management, personal care or reading. Two-thirds of adults with learning disabilities in the UK are cared for by their families.

A learning disability is caused by an injury, gene or illness which affects the development of the brain. In some cases, the symptoms are mild and the impact on a person’s life is minimal. For others, there may be complex and profound disabilities requiring 24/7 support to manage daily life.

Caring for a Range of Support Needs

Caring for adults with learning disabilities means caring for individuals, each of whom requires a different kind of care package.

Bedfordshire Supported Housing provides a range of options for our learning disability clients

1. Domiciliary Care (Home Care)

Home care describes a number of services we can offer to people with learning disabilities who either live independently, or with their family.

  • Regular hourly home visits to help with cooking, cleaning, getting to work, or appointments.
  • Live-in care offering companionship, help with household tasks, and shared activities based on clients’ individual goals.
  • 24-hour care provided by a team, for clients with severe disabilities requiring specialist care throughout the day and night.
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The aim of BSH home care is to identify the individual needs of our clients in order to tailor a personalised home care package for them. Our person-centred approach places the needs of the client at the heart of all we do.

Supported Accommodation for learning difficulties

2. Supported Accommodation

This option is for adults with learning disabilities who wish to live independently, within the community, but require a medium level of support in order to do so. Beds Supported Housing has a number of supported accommodation properties in Bedford and Milton Keynes.

Residents live in multiple occupancy houses, on a semi-independent basis. Each of them receives care delivered by a professional BSH carer, based on their care plan. Residents are encouraged to be independent, but guidance for gardening, accessing GPs, and maintenance is available.

3. Enhanced Accommodation

Where adults with learning difficulties require intensive support and care in order to live in the community, BHS can provide bespoke accommodation including intensive support and specialist care.

Enhanced accommodation provides 24/7 staffing on a ratio of 1:1-1:4. The care staff working in this area are highly trained in managing challenging behaviour and positive risk management.

enhanced accommodation for learning disability care
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4. Residential Care

We have 2 residential care properties in Bedford, offering 11 places between them. The houses provide a comfortable, homely setting for clients and we offer 24-hour care to anyone who requires it.

As with all our care support for people with learning difficulties, our aim is to help clients exert control over their own lives by setting their own goals and determining the support they need to achieve them. Community and educational activities are encouraged and supported.

Bedfordshire Supported Housing Referrals

Most of our referrals come from learning disability services and are accompanied by a Care Programme Approach to help with our assessment. We also accept referrals from service users and carers. BHS uses just one form for all referrals, no matter the service you wish to access.

Would you like to speak to someone at BHS about our care options for adults with learning disabilities? Call us today for an informal chat on 01234 841808