Dementia Respite Care Bedfordshire

Tailored domiciliary services helping people with dementia, and their carers, to live independently with dementia

Dementia Respite Care in the Home

Dementia Respite Care in the Home

The Alzheimer’s Society estimate that there are around 920,000 people living with dementia in the UK currently. This figure is expected to rise to over a million in 2024. 61% of people over 65 with a dementia diagnosis, are living at home, more often than not receiving their primary care from a family member.

For many people with dementia, remaining at home is preferable to the upheaval of relocating to an unfamiliar environment. Bedfordshire Supported Housing offers dementia respite care for families in Bedfordshire.

Personalised Dementia Care

BSH carers are trained professionals offering personalised dementia care whilst family carers take a break. Whether it’s regular hourly visits, or live-in care to provide cover for a longer break, we always begin by assessing the specific needs of our clients. Our carers are trained to work with the person rather than their symptoms, and our care is respectful, and delivered from the heart.

Our person-centred approach to care involves discussions with our client and their carers about the services that would be most helpful. We don’t arrive with pre-conceived notions of what ‘good care’ looks like, because we know that it’s different in every single case.

Personalised Dementia Care Bedfordshire

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Types of Dementia Respite Care in Bedfordshire

Types of Dementia Respite Care in Bedfordshire

Respite care takes many forms, and BSH can tailor it to fit your needs. Carers usually know what kind of respite best suits them, and we can design a package of care to accommodate those requirements. The NHS lists six types of respite care:

        1. Day care centres.
        2. 24-hour care in a residential home for short period.
        3. A rota of family or friends sharing care.
        4. Sitting services – ensuring a presence overnight, for example.
        5. Scheduled home care hourly visits.
        6. Live-in care.

The training that BSH staff receive allows them to deal with the symptoms of dementia effectively and compassionately.

Dementia Care Services

Bedfordshire Supported Housing is an established provider of home care in the region. All the services we offer begin with an initial assessment, including a risk assessment, in order to be sure that we’re offering everything our clients require during the respite period. We work closely with family carers to ensure that the very best care is in place. Our dementia respite care services include:

  • Live-in Care. A professional carer moves into a client’s home, so they can provide 24-hour support and care.
  • Hourly Care. Scheduled home visits are made by trained BSH carers. Services may include personal care, simple domestic tasks, phone check-ins, or cooking light meals.
  • Sitting Service. A BHS carer spends time sitting with clients. We provide an overnight sitting service in case a client with dementia wakes up disoriented and needs help.
Dementia Care Services
Trained Care Staff

Trained BSH Staff

All our staff complete an initial training course, as well as supplementary specialist courses annually throughout the time they work with us. Specialist training includes dementia, challenging behaviour, and medication management.

Our senior team are experienced and have a range of qualifications, including QCF level 5 in Leadership in Health and Social Care and a minimum of QCF level 3 in Health and Social Care. We are recognised by the Care Quality Commission as offering consistently good care to our clients.