Elderly Care Bedfordshire

BSH provides a range of elderly care services designed to support people in their own homes.

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Trusted Providers of Elderly Care in Bedfordshire

Bedfordshire Supported Housing has been providing specialist elderly care for just under a decade now. Our aim has always been to offer appropriate levels of care to older clients wishing to live independently in their own homes. We now offer home care, and live-in care, both of which include the potential for dementia care.

BSH home care is also known as domiciliary care. It’s delivered by trained care workers whose skills and experience means that we can tailor the care packages of our clients to match their particular needs. Live-in care means that a fully trained carer lives in your home with you, and supports you to live the life you want in familiar surroundings.

Caring for Elderly Parents

According to Carers UK statistics, 3 in 5 of us will spend time looking after elderly parents or relatives. Whilst parental care is a labour of love, the work is demanding and exhausting, especially if you’re dealing with dementia at home. BSH elderly care services are designed to offer support to family carers who may need respite, or hours covered when they’re not available.

The help we can offer ranges from ‘check-in calls’ to make sure that medication is taken regularly, to specialist dementia care. One of our first tasks is to carry out an assessments to see what kind of care is required. Once this is complete, we work inclusively with families to determine what support we can offer.

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Home Care Service Bedfordshire

Home Care Service Bedfordshire

This is the most popular form of elderly care we provide in Bedfordshire. Many of our clients find that help with shopping, light housework or someone to cook light meals is all the support they need to maintain an independent life.

Care in the home can be tailored to accommodate progressive conditions such as dementia. BSH care workers will carefully monitor clients managing a dementia diagnosis. If they feel more care support is required, they’ll discuss it with the family as a whole.

Live-in Care

If clients require one-to-one care, BSH has specialist carers who can provide it. Live-in care is sometimes needed when a family carer needs a break, or has a holiday booked. Or it may be a long-term arrangement where a client is developing complex care needs.

Live-in care is available for anyone who needs it, whether they’re dealing with dementia, or recovering from a stroke. We also offer 24 hour live-in care to people who have decided that they would like to die at home and need specialist carers support them and their family.

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