Emergency Respite Care Bedfordshire

BSH offers emergency respite care for families in Bedfordshire.

BSH Emergency Respite Care Across Bedfordshire

BSH Emergency Respite Care Across Bedfordshire

Research carried out by the Office for National Statistics finds that “Unpaid informal care provided by friends and family is essential to our society and the economy.” Over two million adults across the UK receive this kind of care and it is, for the most part, provided by people who are in their 50s and 60s.

Emergency respite care is required when a family carer becomes unavailable. It could be due to an accident, scheduled hospital care, or a family crisis that needs their attention. In these kinds of circumstances BHS offers emergency respite care in Bedfordshire; this is a range of services that ensure that the needs of the person they care for are fully met.

Respite Care Services in Bedfordshire

Professional respite care provides experienced care in the home either on a short, or long- term basis. Rather than the upheaval of moving to a care home, clients can receive full-time physical and emotional care in familiar surroundings.

Home respite care come in different forms:

  • Live-In Care. If a client requires full-time care, we can provide live-in care for as long as needed. The carer moves in to the client’s home and is available to support them day and night.
  • Sitting Care. Where families are sharing care but need an overnight sitter, BSH can provide this service. The carer will be on-hand in case the client wakes up and needs help.
  • Hourly Paid Care. A trained carer makes scheduled visits to their client. It may be to help with domestic duties, cook a light meal, or sit and chat. They can help out in whatever way you need them to.

Hourly paid care and live-in care requires an assessment, including a risk assessment, to determine what the client’s care requirements are.

Respite Care Services in Bedfordshire
Planning for Emergency Respite Care

Planning for Emergency Respite Care

Of course, you don’t know when an emergency may occur, but you can put contingency planning in place so that it’s there if needed. Emergency respite care planning gives peace of mind to everyone involved that should something unforeseen happen, care can continue without a pause.

Your emergency respite care planning should include:

  • The mobile number of a family member or friend who can provide temporary care at short notice.
  • The care plan you have created for the person you look after.
  • Anything that would enhance the emergency care given, such as favourite TV programmes, food, things to avoid.
  • Details of a professional respite care provider with contact name and number.

We’re always happy to speak to carers who are wanting to put emergency respite care plan in place in Bedfordshire.

Working With Bedfordshire Supported Housing

Bedfordshire Supported Housing is an established local provider of hourly home care and live-in home care. We work across Bedfordshire, and we’re trusted providers of respite care. All our carers are trained, and we have specialist carers for clients requiring after-stroke care, or dementia care.

Would you like to speak to someone at BHS about emergency respite care in Bedfordshire? Call us today on 01234 841808

Working With Bedfordshire Supported Housing