Home Care Services in Bedford

Our home care services offer tailored care packages, providing person-centred care, for adults with mental health needs, disabilities & the elderly.

A Range of Home Care Services in Bedford

A Range of Home Care Services for Bedford

Bedfordshire Supported Housing is a leading provider of home care services for Bedford. Our aim is always to support our clients to lead independent lives in their home environment. BSH home care packages are available to all adults (over the age of 18) with no upper age limit.

We have an amazing team of trained care workers who bring a blend of experience, professional skills and adaptability to their work. This enables them to provide care for people at different stages of their lives, with a range of care needs. Our in home care packages consider not only the symptoms of clients, but also their background, religion, culture and lifestyle.

Home Care Services for Clients With Learning Disabilities

BHS home care services provide tailored support for clients with learning difficulties. Our carers work to ensure that clients are as independent as possible, and are able to meet the goals they have set for themselves. We help with access to the local community, and can provide extra support during work placement.

The care offered may include personal care, medication management, the preparation of light meals, therapeutic engagement and ensuring the safety of clients wishing to attend a social event. Compassion and kindness are at the heart of all our care delivery. The maintenance of our high standards are guaranteed by the ongoing professional development of care staff.

In Home Care for Clients With Learning Disabilities
Home Care for the Elderly

Home Care Services in Bedford for the Elderly

We are able to offer a comprehensive range of home services for older clients. This ranges from light-touch support, such as shopping, check-ins or medication reminders, to the delivery of tailored care packages and round-the-clock care.

If a client is living with a dementia diagnosis, we are able to offer tailored care in the home whatever their symptoms. We always work closely with families of clients to ensure that every stage of dementia care is planned for in advance.

Round-the-Clock Home Care Services in Bedford

If a client requires a 24 hour domiciliary care, the BSH team will ensure they receive the appropriate support. Where this is the case, we carry out a detailed assessment of needs, as well as a risk assessment, in order to determine the care plan.

People who make the decision that they would like to die at home are offered all the support they need in order to do so. Our 24 hour palliative care service keeps them comfortable, within familiar surroundings, and they are provided with compassionate care through to the end of their lives.

Round-the-Clock Care
trained carers

Trained Home Care Staff

All our staff complete mandatory training, as well as annual supplementary courses. Carers receive appropriate specialist training, including dementia care, managing challenging behaviour and medication management.

Our senior team are experienced and have a range of qualifications, including QCF level 5 in Leadership in Health and Social Care and a minimum of QCF level 3 in Health and Social Care. We are recognised by the Care Quality Commission as offering consistently good care to our clients.