Learning Disability Care Bedfordshire

At BSH we provide a range of services to support and care for individuals with a learning disability, autism or Down’s Syndrome.

Learning Disability Care

BSH Learning Disability Care

There are more that 1.5 million people across the UK who are diagnosed as having a learning disability. This has a tremendous impact on their lives, and on their family who are likely to provide the care that they need. Bedfordshire Supported Housing is a learning disability care agency which supports individuals and family carers, in order that they can live fulfilled, independent lives.

Our learning disability care packages in Bedfordshire reflect the needs of our clients. As a person-centred organisation we always look beyond the symptoms, to see how we can support the individual. This means working with input from clients and their families to create a schedule of care that is appropriate to the needs and requirements of the person we’re working with.

Learning Disability Care at Home

As learning disability care providers, our aim is to support our clients to live their lives as independently as possible, in the environment best suited to their needs. For people who prefer to live at home, we offer a range of care services, including: cooking simple meals, accompanying clients to social events, or work appointments, medication management, symptom management and therapuetic engagement.

We place compassion and kindness at the centre of the support we provide. BSH carers seek to complement the work already being carried out by family members, and will seek their input when assessing and creating the care package.

Learning Disability Care at home
live in learning disability care

Live-in Care in Bedfordshire

Some of our clients need a live-in carer who is available around the clock. This kind of sustained attention can make a real difference to someone living with autism, for example. The advantage of live-in care is that it maintains the familiarity of home, whilst accessing specialist, tailored care.

Live-in care can be used as a short or long-term support for clients with learning disabilities. It can provide a short break for family carers, for example, or become a way for families to share the support they provide. We match our live-in carers carefully, and take time to introduce them into the household.

Residential Learning Disability Care in Bedfordshire

Bedfordshire Supported Housing has two residential homes located in Bedford, on quiet residential streets. They provide a stable and comfortable environment for people who need a high level of support and care to lead rewarding, independent lives within the community.

Clients who are referred to our residential accommodation have a pre-admission assessment. They are allocated a Key Worker who works with them on the formulation of a care plan, and they will gradually be introduced to the life of the community.

residential learning disability care bedfordshire
trained care staff

Trained Bedfordshire Supported Housing Staff

Every BSH staff member completes mandatory training, as well as annual supplementary courses. Carers receive appropriate specialist training, including dementia care, managing challenging behaviour and medication management.

Our senior team are experienced and have a range of qualifications, including QCF level 5 in Leadership in Health and Social Care and a minimum of QCF level 3 in Health and Social Care. We are recognised by the Care Quality Commission as offering consistently good care to our clients.