Person-Centred Home Care in Bedford

Bedfordshire Supported Housing offers individually tailored person-centred home care packages for people in Bedford within their own homes. They may have a mental health condition, a disability or are elderly.

Trusted Domiciliary Care Providers in Bedford

Trusted Domiciliary Care Providers in Bedford

Professional care now comes in many different forms and increasingly, people are choosing domiciliary care as the solution that suits their needs. Also known as home care it enables people to receive the support they need in their own homes.

For nearly a decade now, BSH has been one of the leading providers of domiciliary care in Bedford. Our professional care workers combine the skills, experience and versatility required to offer a range of care services in home environments. Our Individually tailored care packages are designed in collaboration with each client and their family.

What is Person-Centred Home Care?

Person-centred care focuses on collaboration as a key ingredient when creating a care package. Instead of a care professional deciding what is required, they work alongside the client – and their family, if appropriate – to agree on what will be included. Clients who are encouraged to make decisions about their health care develop in confidence, and tend to adhere more successfully to care plans. Other benefits include:

  • Less reliance on A&E
  • Greater satisfaction with the care services provided
  • An enhanced level of self care
  • Increased engagement from professional carers
  • Tailored services which provide excellent value for money
Person-Centred Domiciliary Care
Home Care in Bedford for the Elderly and Frail

Home Care in Bedford for the Elderly and Frail

BSH domiciliary care offers a range of home care services for older clients. In many cases the support is light touch. It might include help with shopping, cooking basic meals, checking in by phone, or medication management. These are provided as part of an hourly care schedule.

We’re also here for clients who have more complex needs as a result of dementia, or other chronic illnesses. We offer long-term tailored support, with the goal of maintaining home care even if symptoms are severe. All our dementia care packages are created in collaboration with clients and their families, including planning for each stage of the symptoms.

Domiciliary Care for Clients With Learning Disabilities

Bedfordshire Supported Housing’s domiciliary care for clients with learning disabilities focuses upon independent living wherever possible. Our support is always tailored to the specific needs of the person we’re working with.

The care services we offer include the preparation of basic meals, therapeutic engagement, personal care, befriending, medication management, and ensuring safe social engagement. Person-centred care places a degree of responsibility with the client to maintain their care plan. This enables carer and client to work together towards independent living.

Domiciliary Care for Clients With Learning Disabilities