Residential Care Provider Bedford

Our residential care provides a supportive environment for people with complex mental health that may be severe and enduring.

Residential Care in Bedford

Looking for a Residential Care in Bedford?

Bedfordshire Supported Housing has two residential care homes in Bedford:

Rutland Road Care Home – 5 spaces

Francis House Care Home – 6 spaces

Both homes are located on quiet residential streets, in attractively refurbished Victorian town houses. The accommodation is comfortable and homely. There are bedrooms on the ground and first floor, all with en-suite. A number of them have been adapted for use by residents with physical impairments, or limited mobility.

Meeting the Mental Health Needs of Our Residents

The aim of all Bedfordshire Supported Housing care staff is to provide a nurturing and supportive home for our residents. This can include caring for people with long-term, severe symptoms. The standard of care we offer is, therefore, consistently high, in order to ensure that our residents enjoy the best quality of life possible.

Referrals to our residential care usually come from mental health teams, young people’s teams, learning disability teams and assertive outreach teams. We have a simple, one form referral process, and we welcome referrals from all secondary services.

Meeting the Mental Health Needs of Our Residents
An Independent Residential Care Provider in Bedford

An Independent Residential Care Provider in Bedford

Bedfordshire Supported Housing has been providing residential care in Bedford for over a decade now. Our care is person-centred which means that we prioritise residents’ autonomy, independence, and choice. Our clients are encouraged to formulate individual goals, and care staff provide the personalised support to help achieve them.

All BSH residents undergo a pre-admission assessment process. Their introduction to the residential environment and community happens at a pace that’s right for them. Once settled, residents are allocated a Key Worker. They work with clients to develop a care plan, activity timetable and risk assessment.

Working With Challenging Behaviour

BSH is known for taking on service users who have been ‘given up on’ by other services because of their failure to engage or challenging behaviour. We will never write anyone off, and we have an excellent reputation for turning around a ‘cycle of failure’ with residents.

Challenging behaviour can be a barrier to clients achieving a good quality of life. BSH care staff are trained to manage challenging behaviour. They work patiently, compassionately and empathically to support residents, with the aim of finding ways for them to participate fully in their community.

Working With Challenging Behaviour