Residential Care

Francis House and Rutland Road Care Homes

Francis House Care Home – 6 spaces

Rutland Road Care Home – 5 spaces

Both of our care homes are accommodated within
Victorian houses which have been refurbished to create a
modern and homely atmosphere. Each resident’s room benefits from full ensuite facilities. Both homes have
bedrooms on the ground and first floor with specific rooms
being adapted to meet the needs of residents with limited mobility or other physical impairments.

Service User Group

Both homes provide a service to people with complex mental health needs, whose symptoms can be severe and enduring. They may require a higher level of support and care to enable them to live well in the community. All of our referrals came from local community mental health teams, learning disability teams or young people’s teams with many being referred by the traditional assertive outreach teams. We accept referrals from all secondary services.

Following the pre-admission assessment process service users are admitted gradually or at a pace they are comfortable with. Once settled they are allocated a Key Worker who will work with the resident to formulate a care and risk
management plan as well as an activity timetable. Our care plans may detail a range of actions from both the resident and staff. These interventions include

  • Counselling and psychotherapeutic sessions
  • Administering medication
  • Cleaning alongside the resident
  • Supporting the resident to manage their finances effectively
  • Shopping with the resident
  • Supporting the resident to attend to their personal hygiene and appearance
  • Planning and preparing a balanced diet including cooking
  • Gradual exposure to the community i.e. using public transport
  • Supporting the resident to access mainstream community services
  • Accessing leisure services
  • Working assertively with the service user to access supported employment and educational services
  • Building meaningful relationships

We work very hard to enable and support service users to exert choice and independence in their everyday activities through the development of their own aims and goals. Our ultimate objective for our residents is for them to live as
independent an existence as they are able to.