Rutland Road Care Home

Rutland Road Care Home is a 5 bedded CQC registered care home with all rooms having ensuites facilities

24-hour care for those with complex mental health issues

24-hour care for those with complex and enduring mental health issues

Rutland Road Care Home has a homely atmosphere, and service users are encouraged to bring their own personal items to make their room feel more like home. However, all rooms are provided fully furnished.

We provide 24-hour care to adults aged 18 and over with complex mental health needs, whose symptoms can be severe and enduring. The aim of Rutland Road Care Home is to support the recovery of individuals in an environment that inspires hope and facilitates empowerment.

We care for individuals with a variety of conditions. These can include schizophrenia or a psychotic disorder, a learning disability including an autistic spectrum disorder, chronic anxiety, personality disorder as well as coexisting conditions such as mental health diagnosis and substance misuse.

Effective and robust care planning

We support people to live fulfilling lives despite their mental health issues. We focus on strengths, and our service user’s goals, and promote choice and control over their lives.  We do this through effective and robust care planning and positive risk management, with our service users at the centre. They are supported to plan their time and create detailed activity plans and goals to help with motivation, self-esteem and promoting a sense of achievement.

We encourage and support our service users to become an active part of their local community.  We encourage them to engage in community led events and education programmes. We work in partnership and promote the recovery of individuals based on how they define their recovery working with their aims and objectives.

Effective and robust care planning