Supported Living Milton Keynes

Comfortable, stable accommodation in Bedford, for adults needing medium-level community-based support in order to live independently.

Independent Supported Accommodation in Milton Keynes

Independent Supported Accommodation in Milton Keynes

Bedfordshire Supported Housing is an established provider of supported living accommodation in Milton Keynes. We currently have 2 properties available. Typically, residents will have a community care plan in place and require medium community-based support. Our care team is made up of trained staff who are experienced in the delivery of care services to residents experiencing serious and ongoing mental health problems.

Milton Keynes Supported Accommodation:

  • Bury Avenue
  • Sunningdale Road

Who Would Benefit From Supported Living?

Our supported living in Milton Keynes is an ideal solution for someone who has been in residential care and requires support before returning to a fully independent living situation. The town houses are comfortable and well-maintained, providing a safe and stable environment in a community setting. A warden is on duty overnight, who is responsible for the safety of the property and residents. There’s also a free 24-hour on-call service.

BHS staff deliver care services to residents. These are bespoke according to individual needs. The number of hours allocated will vary with each resident, as these are specified by their care package.

Who Would Benefit From Supported Living?

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A Typical Profile of Our Residents Milton Keynes

A Typical Profile of Our Residents

People who become part of our supported living community are/have typically:

  • Male or female.
  • Over 18.
  • Local to Milton Keynes.
  • Has a mental health diagnosis.
  • Has learning difficulties.
  • May be subject to CTO.
  • Possible history of challenging behaviour.
  • May potentially have failed to engage with services in the past.
  • Secondary mental health services in place.
  • Community care plan in place.

Social Care Support

The support services offered by Bedfordshire Supported Housing may include:

  • A programme of personalised activities.
  • Skills acquisition – employment-related.
  • Skills acquisition – cooking, shopping, budgeting.
  • Mental health monitoring.
  • Risk management.
  • Support for building meaningful relationships.
  • Medication management.
  • Support for navigating community facilities such as public transport.
  • Support for attendance of work, education, or social activities.
  • Help with accessing primary care.
  • Ongoing management of serious mental health problems such as psychosis.
Social Care Support milton keynes
Housing Related Support in milton keynes

Housing Related Support

BSH partners with a non-profit organisation that provides our supported accommodation. They offer housing related support:

  • Alarm system maintenance.
  • Peer support and befriending.
  • Monitoring how residents are coping with independent living.
  • Practical support with utility suppliers.
  • Accessing benefits/universal income.
  • Guidance with maintenance, cleaning, repairs, and decorating.
  • Guidance for maintaining outdoor areas and the garden.

Referrals to BSH Supported Housing Accommodation

BSH referrals mostly come from learning disability services, secondary mental health teams, and local CMHTs. We also have a simple referral form for use by service users and carers.