Supported Living Providers Bedfordshire

Bedfordshire Supported Housing are established providers of high-quality, shared accommodation, for people requiring a medium level of community-based support.

Supported Living Accommodation in Bedford

Supported Living Accommodation in Bedford

For over a decade now, BHS have been trusted supported living providers in Bedfordshire. Our 4 properties in Bedford offer service-users the opportunity to live semi-independently in a secure and stable housing environment. BHS carers take a person-centred approach, encouraging residents to define their own goals, build meaningful relationships, and develop community-based skills.

  • Ampthill Road – 10 spaces
  • Foster Hill Road – 7 spaces
  • Newnham Avenue – 5 spaces
  • Grafton Road – 5 spaces

Supported Living Services in Bedfordshire

The supported accommodation we offer is suited to residents who require a medium level of community-based support. It can also be used as a step-down service where people are coming out of residential care. BSH carers support residents in the acquisition of skills which will help anyone preparing for fully independent living.

Our trained carers deliver a range of personalised services, according to each resident’s care package. The number of hours available will vary from person to person. Each property is fitted with a free 24-hour, on-call service, and Wardens are on duty throughout the night.

Supported Living Services in Bedfordshire

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A Typical Profile of a Supported Housing Resident

A Typical Profile of a Supported Housing Resident

Admissions are subject to a pre-admission assessment and risk assessment. A typical resident profile is:

  • Male/female.
  • Over 18 years old.
  • Local to Bedford.
  • Mental health problem diagnosed.
  • Receiving secondary mental health services.
  • Community care plan in place.
  • Could be subject to Community Treatment Order (CTO).
  • Potentially a history of challenging behaviour.
  • Has possibly failed to engage with services in the past.

Supported Living Services Offered by BSH

The supported living services we provide for residents are overseen by the CQC. They may include:

  • Programme of activities.
  • Care and risk management plan.
  • Help with building meaningful relationships.
  • Skills acquisition (eg. Paying bills, cooking, shopping, cleaning, laundry).
  • Social activities organisation and support.
  • Support to access primary care.
  • Mental health monitoring.
  • Medication management.
  • Management of symptoms associated with psychosis and any other serious mental health problems.
  • Development of employment-related skills.
  • Use of public transport, leisure facilities.
  • Assessing and managing risk.
Supported Living Services Offered by BSH
Housing Related Support

Housing Related Support

As supported living providers in Bedfordshire, we work with a non-profit organisation who manages our housing accommodation. The support offered includes:

  • Help to access benefits/universal income.
  • Befriending/peer support.
  • Provision and maintenance of alarms.
  • Help with cleaning, maintenance, repairs, and decorating.
  • Monitoring individual adaptation to independent/shared living.
  • Utilities advice and practical support.
  • Help and support with garden and exterior areas.

Referrals to BSH Supported Housing in Bedford

Referrals are usually made via local CMHTs and teams in secondary mental health and learning disability services. We have a simple referral form. We also accept referrals from service users and carers.