Susy’s Story

Susy's Story

Susy’s Story

Moving From Supported Housing to Independent Accommodation – Susy’s Story

Living independently is something most of us take for granted. Maybe we got our first taste at university, or when we were earning enough to share a house with friends. Many of the people we work with at Bedfordshire Supported Housing, however, have difficulties reaching the goal of independent living, and so when they do achieve it, we always enjoy celebrating with them.

Susy has experienced residential care as part of her treatment for ongoing mental ill-health. From there she moved into supported care as a stepping-stone to living in independent accommodation. As she prepares to make that leap, we asked if she could write an account of her journey with us.

Susy’s Story

It’s hard to believe that I’m so close to getting my own flat. I’ve really valued the time I spent in supported accommodation, and I’ll never forget the friends I’ve made, but now I want a front door of my own. I’m ready to fully move back into the world.

It has been a long process getting to here. 4 years ago, it would have seemed like some fantasy to have my own place but, step by step, and with lots of support, I’ve achieved it. Living in supported accommodation gave me a gradual introduction to managing my life again. I set myself goals, small at first and then bigger and bigger till I felt like I was living normally again.

Now I have a flat I’m moving into, and my support package is in place. There shouldn’t be any stoppages now to my moving in. I feel confident that I’m able to do this because I have the help I need, and I trust the people who are supporting me.

I couldn’t have done all this without the staff and residents at the supported housing. They kept my expectations real, didn’t let me get too frustrated when the support assessments seemed to take an age, and most of all, they believed I could do it, even when I didn’t.

To anyone else on the same kind of journey I would say, know what your end goal is, find out what the steps are to get there, and accept all the help you can get along the way, Never give up.

BSH Supported Accommodation

At Bedfordshire Supported Housing we believe that a supportive and nurturing environment is essential to well-being. It’s what we aim to achieve for all our residents. Our supported accommodation offers people who have been in 24 hour residential care a stepping-stone to independent living. Alternatively, residents requiring a medium level of community-based support can live semi-independently in comfortable, homely surroundings.

There’s currently a shortage of supported accommodation across Bedfordshire, and BHS is delighted to be able to offer 27 spaces in shared houses. Each one of these represents for us an opportunity for someone to live in a stable, nurturing environment. BSH carers work with residents to define their own goals, develop new skills, and receive tailored support from trained professionals.

Would like to know more about Bedfordshire Supported Housing, or specifically the supported accommodation we offer? For an informal chat, call us on 01234 841808