What About A Career in Care?

What About A Career in Care

What About A Career in Care?

David thought that his job working for a large retail chain was pretty secure, but Covid-19 changed all that. Initially David was included in the government’s furlough scheme as he’d been working as a retail assistant with them for a couple of years. By July, though, the business started cutting back and David was ‘let go’.

Finding Work in the Covid Slump is Tough

It felt like the worst of times. There seemed little point in looking for jobs like the one he’d just lost as all the High Street shops seemed to be in the same state. David needed to find another job – only he wasn’t sure what kind of work to look for even. Then he saw on Facebook that Bedfordshire Supported Housing was recruiting.

“I’d never thought about working as a carer, but as soon as I took a look at the website it struck a chord. I’d heard a lot about the care sector during the Covid pandemic, and it seemed like something worthwhile.”

Despite His Nerves, David Was Welcomed and Supported

Knowing that caring was work he wanted to do didn’t stop his nerves on the first day at his new job. He needn’t have worried; everyone knew what he was feeling, and did everything they could to support him. He also received full training which made him feel like this really was a new start, and a career that he could commit to going forward.

Putting Qualities Learnt in Retail to New Use

Best of all, David has discovered that his years in retail were great training for the work he’s now doing as a carer. He enjoys talking to people and is a great listener. He’s confident dealing with new situations, and he’s able to stay calm even when things don’t go to plan. He likes the people he cares for and finds that he enjoys spending time with them, and caring for them.

Caring Offers a Different Kind of Job Satisfaction

Currently David is happy to learn from the work he’s doing which involves helping service users with their shopping, cleaning or domestic duties. He says that already he feels that the work is helping him to grow as a person, and his friends and family are seeing a change in him. He finding how rewarding it is to end a shift knowing you’ve made a difference to someone’s life.

Developing a Career in Caring

If David decides to stay in the care sector, and we very much hope he does, there’s all kinds of ways that he can advance his career. We encourage all our staff to complete QCF Level 2 and 3 in Health and Social Care. Beyond that, he may choose to focus on developing his leadership and management skills in further education or at degree level.

Growing an Amazing Team at Bedfordshire Supported Housing

At Bedfordshire Supported Housing we are always delighted to foster the talents of carers like David who have maybe found us by accident, but are developing a real commitment to caring as a career. We offer support, training and mentoring to ensure that individuals grow and thrive within our working environment. That way we ‘grow’ a team who, not only, share our values but live them every day.

What About A Career in Care? If you are looking for a new challenge, take a look at our website or talk to us on 01234 954415