Why Person-Centred Care is Key to the BSH Approach

BSH – Why Person-Centred Care is Key to the BSH Approach

Why Person-Centred Care is Key to the BSH Approach

There is a growing trend towards home care in the UK, and it’s changing the way we provide professional care. A mixture of decline in the number of residential care beds, and a preference for home care, means that the majority of people requiring care now receive it in their own homes. In order to ensure that this shift provides the very best quality of life, care providers like Bedfordshire Supported Housing, are rethinking their relationship with their clients and the kind of services they offer.

What is Person-Centred Care?

Caring for people in their own home demonstrates how unique each client’s care needs are. Person-centred care requires that each care package will be tailored to those needs, but it also shifts the focus of care. The care-giver is no longer the ‘expert’ administering what is right for the client. Instead, professionals work collaboratively with service users, and their family, to determine a long-term care plan.

Person-centred care seeks to develop the skills and confidence of those in need of care, to make decisions about managing their own health care. The client is never just a ‘bunch of symptoms’; they are fully rounded individuals who have the right to determine how they are cared for in the long term. At the heart of person-centred care is the belief that everyone deserves to be treated with respect, compassion and dignity.

Why is Patient-Centred Care Important?

Quite apart from the obvious desire to create the conditions for clients to live fulfilling and happy lives, there are a number of social benefits to person-centred care:

  • Less Reliance on A&E. When people play a collaborative part in managing their care, they are less likely to use emergency services, and more likely to stick to care plans.
  • Greater Client Satisfaction. Working collaboratively with care professionals tends to lead to greater levels of satisfaction with care arrangements.
  • Self Care Improves. Service users who have a say in the way they manage their care are more likely to behave positively in relation to their health and well-being.
  • Increased Engagement for Carers. Care professionals find person-centred care more rewarding, which heightens morale and increases patient engagement.
  • Better Value for Money. Person-centred care is usually better value for money because services are tailored to the needs of the person, rather than their symptoms.

Person-Centred Care at Bedfordshire Supported Housing

Person-centred care is the approach that underpins all the services we offer to our clients. BSH care ranges from hourly care, through live in care, to supported accommodation and specialist residential care. Our first task is always to ensure that we are providing the right kind of services to clients, and then to determine the detail of what that care will be.

In collaboration with clients and their family – if appropriate – we go through a detailed assessment process. This takes into account not only health issues, but also individual lifestyle preferences, cultural background and beliefs. Our goal is always to match the carer, and the care package, as closely as possible to the needs of our client.

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